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FMCG International has been manufacturing in-cistern toilet blocks and toilet rim cages, both domestically and internationally since 2009.

Finished goods are developed and supplied according to the exact requirements of the on-seller with large-scale volume capabilities.

In addition, FMCG International has exclusive rights to distribute finished goods in-cistern toilet blocks and toilet rim cages from our partners in Europe.

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Since 2010, FMCG International has, using its technologically advanced factories, been formulating and manufacturing an array of household wipes.

Customised solutions and formats are tailored to the needs of our customers and, in turn, the end user.


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In collaboration with our Chemical Engineers, FMCG International is breaking the boundaries of traditional toilet care with its world-first, patented inventions which are changing the category landscape bringing consumers new, unique and highly-technical products to market.

This is an exclusive opportunity to penetrate the toilet care category with not only 1, but 6 points of difference to the current market leaders.
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